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Baanx Group

Baanx sites completed millions in consumer loans in the UK. We are the next evolution in Mobile Security, Cryptocurrency Custody Insurance (so your Crypto is safe from loss), CryptoPay, Exchange integration and creating an network of 100 Cryptobank brands sharing bank licenses with a mobile financial app ecosystem


Mobile CryptoPay

Our Mobile Payment Application with an instant, multiple virtual card option with no payment limits for Crypto or Fiat (you can use both)! We integrate into key Exchanges to transfer your Cryptocurrency into Fiat at the Point of Sale at the best price. Pay using NFC, namely ApplePay, AndroidPay. Fast, effective and low cost (free for Platinum members).

Crypto-Wallet Insured Custody

Your Crypto is safe in our custody guaranteed, we insure our secure wallets built by a team with over 100 years Fintech & Banktech experience, who have worked with Mastercard, Visa, JP Morgan, Commerzbank with international acclaim in the mobile security sector. 

External Exchange Access

Baanx will be launching Super-Fast Exchange Access through integration with leading external Exchanges, giving customers the opportunity to capitalise from the best price buy and sell options across key exchanges. This aggregated buy opportunity allows great advantages for customers wanting the best price possible, Platinum members benefit from no fees.

OTC Exchange $1m+

Baanx is leading the way with rapid OTC Exchange Access for volume purchasers and institutions to access the Cryptocurrency market. Through a combination of volume custody of Crypto assets with insurance and OTC Exchange Access creating easy purchase and sale of Crypto we have a winning business model.

Faster Payment Service FPS

Baanx is integrating into the traditional banking Faster Payment Service to allow same day Crypto to Fiat and Fiat to Crypto transfers and necessary trading without limits. This huge step forwards creates a massive advantage and attraction in the EU and later worldwide, we enable rapid payments to Crypto and from Crypto to Fiat, guaranteeing the market money supply for customers.

100 Cryptobank brands

Baanx Group is not just launching 1 brand in 1 country using 1 utility token. We intend to release 100 new Cryptobanks owned by 3rd parties. We open up the market using Decentralised Ownership and share bank licenses within our network to grow fast. We can disrupt Traditional Banking massively, putting the Blockchain industry in the driving seat with BAANX used everywhere.

Cryptobank Services

Baanx is focused on global Cryptobank services across the EU, Asia and later the US. Once our initial products are going well we intend to deliver traditional bank products through all 100+ Cryptobanks across lending, savings, deposits and investments. Making it easy to launch Cryptobanks for any qualified person creates fantastic advantages, including mass Cryptocurrency adoption - yet sharing the profits of banking more fairly across society.

Fintech Open API

External Developers access Baanx through an Open API (created by the same person who made the Open Banking protocol in the UK). External Developers help to build a mobile app ecosystem with many important 3rd party Apps for all customers to access worldwide, we foresee large numbers of Fintechs releasing through our API to access the network customer base and solving many financial problems worldwide.

Baanx.com Goals

  • $1m Softcap (Passed)

    Highly Secure Mobile Wallet
    • Mobile Wallet, Most Secure App Delivered into Testing
    • Existing Financial Licenses are expanded across the EU region
    • Secure Cold Storage of Crypto-assets in ex-Military Bunker
  • $8m

    Crypto-Payment App
    • Mobile App Crypto-Payment Delivered, use Cryptocurrencies in shops & online
    • Integration to existing Payment Infrastructure, Crypto to Fiat transfers
    • Faster Crypto & Fiat same day transfers within the EU Bank network
  • $12.5m

    Leading Exchange Integration
    • Released on the Tech used by NYSE & LSE creating fast access
    • Access to many key buy & sell prices in the market
    • World leading Trading opportunities
    • Savings App release with 10% APR
    • Asia setup of new office
  • $17m

    • Lending at Point of Sale on websites
    • Mobile App Loans & Peer to Peer Lending
    • US & Africa expansion of Mobile App Services
    • 50 Decentralised Cryptobanks, using existing brands to reach mainstream customers
  • $26m

    Full Decentralised Ownership
    • Cryptobank global expansion
    • Open Financial App Marketplace
    • Asset backed / Secured lending against Crypto & Property holdings
    • AI Back-Office Operations efficiencies & Robo-Customer Service release
  • $31.5m

    Wealth & Investments
    • Private Wealth Robo-Advisors
    • Investment App Functions
    • 100+ Decentralised Cryptobanks owned by 3rd parties and expanding "Open Ownership" model globally
  • $36,850,000 ICO HardCap

    ICO Hardcap
    • Global Business Cryptobank Release
    • Next generation AI & automation
    • Full Crypto-Infrastructure Foundation Expansion, mission to achieve mainstream Crypto use everywhere

BXX Tokens

Uses for BXX

Hold tokens, receive Bonuses for BAANX BXX Success

Sell, use or Trade tokens

You can use BXX within Baanx,com and/or sell BXX at any listed exchange post-ICO completion

BXX Utility Tokens used for:

  • 100 Crypto-Financial Services Brands Released (many existing known brands who are reaching out to their existing customer base). Brands will be Sharing our Bank Licenses and all planned release within the first 12 months post-ICO

  • 100 Crypto-Financial Services Brands Offering their Customers Payments. BAANX BXX Powering Payments to merchants through mobile, 0.1%-0.5% cost per transaction always charged in only BAANX BXX driving demand.

  • Savings interest, Investment returns, Loan interest and capital payable/repayable in BXX, increasing demand for BAANX BXX 

  • Baanx.com Cryptobanks trade assets, customers, brand followings in BXX using smart-contracts

  • BAANX BXX needed to open a Baanx.com Cryptobank and all Profits paid to all Crypto-Financial Services Brands in BAANX BXX

  • BAANX BXX is purchasable (post-ICO) on both the BAANX system and on External Exchanges as a Utility Token.

ICO Pre-Sale Details

Register to participate! :

Pre-Sale starts on the 24th May 2018

Symbol :


Quantity :

8% Tokens available at Pre-Sale, 100 million BAANX Coin

How to participate :

Private & Early Pre-Sale

$2.550,000 confirmed already. Email [email protected] for large deals please.

Public Pre-Sale 1- 24th May 09:00 UTC - $3,000,000

First $1m = 60% Bonus, $10,000 minimum contribution on the 24th May!

3x $1m Stages available $1m=60% - $1m=55% - $1m=50%


Public Pre-Sale 2 - 21st June 09:00 UTC - $4,800,000 - bonuses starting 35%

ICO- July 2018, staggered bonuses by stage, reducing continuously.

$0.125 per BAANX BXX + stage bonus

$24,400,000 - any unsold tokens are burnt and all other ratios adjusted to protect purchasers of BAANX BXX Tokens and protect demand for tokens.

TELEGRAM CHANNEL HITS 45,000 https://t.me/baanxcom

TELEGRAM CHAT REACHES 12,000 JOIN HERE https://web.telegram.org/#/[email protected]

Token Distribution

  • 44% ICO Crowdsales
  • 24% Foundation Reserve (locked for 12 months)
  • 6.4% Advisors (locked over 12 months with buy back)
  • 16% Early Investors, Founders, Team & Developers (Locked up to 30 months)
  • 9.6% Marketing (mainly post-ICO and with bounty buy back offer)



Bounties [Bounty] Bitcointalk.org

40%Signature Campaign Bitcointalk.org
20%Telegram Campaign
10%Translation Campaign
10%Twitter Campaign
10%Blogs Campaign

Key People

Garth Howat
(CEO) Successful Entrepreneur, Founder of 2 Successful Businesses, including FCA Licensed Consumer Lending Business. CF1 Regulated UK. Passionate about Fintech, Blockchain & bringing Cryptocurrency into everyday use.
Sean Salloux
Mobile Expert. MD/COO/Board & Banking, Mobile App Security expert with 25 years global tech experience in US, UK, Europe and Asia. Projects and new product launches for Master Card, Visa, Bank of America, & other banks/ FinTech in USA, Canada
Mark Evans
(Chief Regulatory Officer & acting-CFO) FCA, MCT approved, UK chartered accountant) 25+ years in banking regulation and compliance, CFO finance experience at Senior level. JP Morgan, Commerzbank, Union Bank of Switzerland.
Chris Coulthrust
(CTO) - 25+ years as CTO and CIO with investment banks, lending institutions and software. National Finance Corp., Vistaar. Founder of 40+ staff software company, for PLC, and bitcoin minor.
Barry O’Donohoe
(Raidiam- Co-Founder) Lead Security Architect, Baanx. 20+ years experience. Web & Mobile for retail banking, Open Banking & PSD2, etc. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Tesco Bank, Open Banking. Org & top global banks.
John Van Der Vos
CRO. John Van Der Vos. CRO UK FCA Approved CF1 & CF30 within online loans business. Long history in Financial Services and strong compliance knowledge. Passionate about Cryptocurrency & Cryptobank market.
Rob Levine
(Head of HR) – Senior HR roles at major financial services firms and banks including Macquarie, Schroders, Standard Chartered, Gen Re Securities, and ING Barings.
Lance Villaruel
Baanx.com Chief Commercial Architect. Blockchain Architect. Data Scientist, Technical & Cryptocurrency Advisor. Extensive experience within AI, Technology and Blockchain.
Sarah Murray
Communications Manager. Extensive Marketing and Communications experience across many different commercial enterprises.
Dave Campsill
Head Development. Entrepreneurial Developer with extensive track record, including working for the EU Commission and delivering financial sector development services. Passionate about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Trading.
Rhys Edwards
Head of People at Baanx.com. Cryptocurrency advisor and Specialist focused on acquisition and hiring of key Banking & Cryptocurrency team.
Ed Burnham
Head of Investor Relations at Baanx.com. Strong Financial Services knowledge and extensive track record of achievement within Investment & Networking.


David Drake
Top 2 ICO Bench Expert. Founder & Chairman at LDJ Capital. Baanx.com Board Advisor. Leading figure within Cryptocurrency.

Ian Scarffe
Ian Scarffe, top 3 on ICO Bench. Serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant. A leading expert in Blockchain and Crypto industries.

Sean Colopy
Technical Advisor, Co-Founder Pro-Capital Exchange. Visionary in Blockchain community, CMO at the Cryptoconomy Summit.

Karl Johannesson
Non-Executive Director. Key Advisor. Managing Partner, Executive Director Blockchain Usergroup. Extensive experience in Cryptocurrency, FinTech and Consultancy with $Billion organisations.

Victor Chow
CEO, M&A Advisor, Venture Capital leader, Entrepreneur, NAGA & ICO Advisor, Partner in Blockchain Financial Services Innovation

Benjamin Theobald
Board Advisor Micromoney International, CEO, Co-Founder and Entrepreneur with strong Marketing experience.

Jonathan Chang
Banking Advisor. ANZ Bank. COO Nauticus Blockchain, Cryptobank & Ecommerce Solutions with 300 Cryptocurrencies on their Exchange.

Bryan NG
CEO Nauticus Blockchain. Extensive Banking, Accountancy & Entrepreneurial Experience.

Michiel Triebert
Michiel Triebert. Board Advisor. CEO, Internet Entrepreneur. Financial Services experience in Europe. Extensive track record with ICO Global and valuable partner..

Preston Junger
Preston is a former early Yelp employee, previously worked for Yahoo!, IAC, Apple and currently is Co-Founder of Mile Square Labs

Simon Choi
Professor Simon Choi. Legal Advisor. International Lawyer, licensed to practice in England & Wales, Hong Kong, China. Simon has been involved with more than 10 ICOs and a highly accomplished lawyer to the blockchain industry.

Max Pogorelov
Max Pogorelov. Blockchain Developer & Smart Contract Expert. Max has been integral in developing our smart contract capability and integrating this into our systems and setup.

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